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After receiving many requests, we have expanded our product line to include Central Vacuums. We now sell Power Units by Beam and Modern Day as well as custom tailored accessory kits designed for each individual application . We also carry a variety of the PVC fittings required for installation by the DIY installer. Please keep in mind we still do in house repairs of all major brands of central vacuums,power nozzles and hoses. Give us a Call / Email if you have any further questions.

                                       Thanks for your business.

          Its Not Easy Being Green...

Spokane Vacuum Center is striving to be an ECO_FRIENDLY business.
We are a certified in Spokane as a "Smart Sustainable Business" recycling old vacuums for disposal.  We support a "Green Earth" policy by using and selling a line of biodegradable cleaning supplies as well as recycling lightly used parts/products for service and sales. If you would prefer to purchase a "renewed" part please email us with your vacuums model # and a part description and we will try to accommodate your request.

BETTER LIFE quickly removes bacteria, germs and nasty gunk without leaving harmful toxic chemical residue behind. Try some today and see why we've become the planet's favorite cleaner

This wiping cloth from Nature's Ultimate is made from 100% natural wood fiber and will clean and polish everything in your home and shop. This cloth is far more absorbent than cotton and the fiber is naturally bacteria resistant. Use it in your kitchen and be thrilled to no longer worry about that stinky dishcloth smell! The 8 layer weave easily allows the food particles to rinses out with water to prevent bacteria growth and therefore eliminate odors. No food.....no place for the bacteria to grow....no odors!  It's that simple.